loving this...

line of slip-cast earthenware from welsh ceramicist, Lowri Davies.
she decorates each piece with industrial transfers of her own design.
functional and exquisite and on our list of must haves! k&m


this just in...

lovely new scents from Lucia, the latest addition to our growing list of designers in the shop. hand-poured and made from clean burning organic soy, these candles come packaged ready to give (or enjoy yourself) in a number of beautiful designs. available in two sizes, a 20 hour and 50 hour candle. we hope you love them as much as we do! happy shopping! k&m


loving this...

new collection of book jackets by Coraline Bickford-Smith for Penguin Books. we've already signed up to be notified when they are available. a great addition to any library, large or small!

found via creature comforts


this just in...

whiskey stones!! we're so excited to have these in the shop. made of natural Vermont soapstone, these cool "rocks" are great to chill your favorite spirit without diluting (or altering) it's flavor. a set of 9 come in a cute draw string bag and their own gift box. great host gift for a football party!


this just in...

beautiful new designs from Pacific and Rose. Elizabeth's tea towels have
been hugely popular over the last year and these do not disappoint.
i'm partial to Sarita, but also excited to have a new version of the
James and classic blue Arts & Crafts in the mix. available online now
and in store tomorrow for $8 each. happy shopping! k&m


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this just in...

well, almost just in! we're so excited to get our new polka-dot travel mugs in that we just had to post about them today. as a tea drinker, i'm constantly annoyed that every aluminum-lined travel mug in our house tastes like my husband's coffee! but now i'll have my own double-walled porcelain mug. topped with a silicone lid that looks just like the plastic ones, these are microwave and dishwasher safe and just adorable. we've got two sizes, 9 ounce and 11 and a variety of fun colors. in store and online starting Tuesday!!! happy shopping1 k&m


openhouse on re-nest

check us out on Apartment Therapy's re-nest this afternoon.
a great little feature on our handmade kantha quilts!! Thanks, AT!