just a little something

to brighten up the day (as if you need it here in VA! beautiful, sunshine-y and warm)

i'm sure i'm seriously late in posting these great little porcelain bits from my favorite etsy girl,

i have one of her "bearded men" prints in the nursery. it's supposed to be representative of my bearded husband, but most people think it looks like Bin Laden ;o)

anyway, she has some miniature porcelain pieces with illustrations imprinted onto the surface. hang a bunch on a wall for instant wow! or be bold and wear it around your neck! I might just hammer a small nail in the wall in an offbeat place in my house and put it there. whatever you choose to do with it, i think they are just precious. enjoy! and happy shopping!

oh, and stay tuned for our March sale announcent! coming to you right here on Saturday. it's a biggie and shouldn't be missed!


FYI domino subscribers

so i've decided to quit whining about domino folding. i've grieved and i'm ready to move on. so, i was happy to read on maison luxe that you can choose which magazine you would like to receive for the remainder of your subscription. the default is apparently architectural digest...not one that tickles my fancy. so make sure you check out this link: Conde Nast, and call to make sure you get what you want. personally, i've gone with extending my cookie subscription. i highly recommend if you haven't read it ;o) and bon apppetit is another good option. i recently subscribed after years of not picking it up and it's a great read if you like food and wine and travel. and who doesn't! enjoy and happy shopping! k&m


recession-friendly gifts

if you're like us, you're looking for great gift ideas that are design conscious, economical and totally original. well, if the 20% off pillow sale at openhouse isn't what you're looking for ;o) i've found a great alternative: littlebrownpen. this adorable etsy shop is one of the most creative i've come across. they sell printable pdf files of calendars, small prints, stationary and book plates. you buy the pdf and print them yourself, as many times as you'd like!! $5 or $10 goes a long way like this!

a few of our faves:

rainy day recipes:

stationary set:

keep calm and carry on spoof calendar:


february sale

also, forgot to mention our february sale. 20% off of ALL in stock pillows. we've got a great selection from john robshaw, looolo, dermond peterson, k studio and more. check us out in richmond or online at www.openhouse-richmond.com. use the code FEB20 at checkout to receive the discount. it's only good until midnight on the 28th, so get over there fast!! and stay tuned for news on our march sale. which is a GOOD one :o) k&m


for years i've imagined having a large antique farm table in the dining room with white or black panton chairs. i love the juxtaposition of form-molded plastic with the natural, heavy wood. i'm always looking around online for a good deal (almost impossible to find). $250 per chair is just not recession friendly. as i was browsing i came across the most interesting place i'd ever found my lovely chairs: church. and since it was sunday, i thought it fitting to post these fabulous pictures from St Bartholomew’s church in Chodovice, Czech Republic. i love the old and the new together like that! how divine ;o) k&m


happy valentine's day

it's taken my least favorite holiday of the year to get me back to the blog! i've never liked valentine's day. for those without a valentine, i've felt it to be such an exclutionalist (i don't think that's a word, but you get it) holiday; and for those with one, a insane excuse to spend money on things you would normally never buy. i don't even particularly like the color red. and there is nothing more generic to me then a dozen red roses. BUT, if i had to play along and my wonderful husband did feel the pressure of society upon him, these are just a few things that might be nice ;o) enjoy! and don't forget to check out www.openhouse-richmond.com to see a selection of our inventory for sale online. all pillows are 20% off through the end of the month! just enter FEB20 at checkout. happy shopping! k&m