famer's market baskets are back!

after 2 months without them, our beloved white, ceramic berry baskets
are back in stock. they were hugely popular last time, back ordered for
ages and wait-listed on the site...so make sure you grab one up while you
can. the large plum basket still is not available; due in the shop around
the first of the year. happy shopping! k&m


limited edition candle pots from perch!

we're so excited to be one of the few shops carrying the limited edition
(just 200 will be made) candle pots from Amy Adams at perch! 7 designs
in 4 colors will be filled with slightly scented soy wax. when you are done
with the candle, the wax washes out and you are left with a lovely cup to
hold pens and pencils, flowers or any number of things. they should ship
November 20th. so stay tuned and we'll let you know when they arrive in
store. if you have a particular color or pattern you know you want, shoot
us an email and we'll reserve it for you! happy shopping! k&m


15% off through the end of October!

log on to www.openhouse-richmond.com and place your orders through the
end of the month and receive 15% off! use the code OCT15 at checkout.
lots of great new additions to the site. enjoy! and happy shopping!! k&m


falling in love...

with these beautiful and most charming ceramics from UK-based designer,
Hanne Rysgaard. each one is so lovely on it's own, but it's hard not to want
a whole group of creamers and jugs and cups and teapots. we'll find a way
to get these in the shop, but in the meantime, they ship to the states! enjoy!
and happy shopping. k&m