hip cribs

[the winner! amy coe westport crib for babies r us, $349]

summer is passing fast and we've been super busy with projects. we're getting the shop ready to roll for fall. we're putting together the basics for an openhouse website to be launch sometime in the near future (pretty specific, hunh?) we're prepping for some local fall shows and one of us has been working on a little baby due in october! since i've been on the lookout for all things baby and cool, i thought i'd share a couple of good finds. and we promise that as the cool air of fall, falls, we'll be back in action with the blog.

ideally the baby's room would be filled with high-end design made of environmentally friendly options. but we don't live in an ideal world and i've had to re-adjust the thought process. while maintaining a healthy, eco-friendly environment is numero uno importante (sorry, never took spanish) there have had to be some compromises.

the biggest was with the crib. the argington sahara, netto collection cribs and oeuf options were on the top of the list. they were also at the top of the price scale. so here are a couple of options that i found that make for great alternatives. they are made of wood, non-toxic and available in your local store, which makes their footprint a little less large. i'll be back next week with other great finds that we've stumbled across this summer. enjoy! and happy shopping! k&m

[olivia crib from walmart, $300]


Anonymous said...

Do you know who the manufacturer is for the Amy Coe crib at Babies 'R Us? We love the Olivia crib, which is manufactured by Million Dollar Baby exclusively for WalMart, but its been out of stock online for over a month. I love the Amy Coe crib as an alternative, but I'd like to find the manufacturer so I can check consumer reports on quality.

openhouse said...

We loved the Olivia crib as well, but after 2 months of keeping an eye on it online, we gave up. The Wesport Crib is manufactured by Butterfly Living. From what I've read, the brnd was started by an ex-Delta employee and the cribs are produced in Vietnam. Since the brand is so new, we weren't able to find any consumer reports or reviews. I will tell you that we have ours and it is everything we had hoped for. If it helps, Butterfly Living is also producing lines for Target and Carter's.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the information about the Amy Coe crib. It looks really cute and I'm sure you'll love it. We were just about to purchase it too when we discovered that the Baby Mod Olivia crib is once again available to purchase online. We had also waited for it for months and were about to give up! Anyway, I thought your readers might like to know its back!

openhouse said...

Wouldn't you know that would happen! We couldn't be happier, however, with the Amy Coe. It was so easy to assemble and it looks just like one of the Netto Collection cribs. Amazing quality! So nice that there are so many stylish options out there!

Sheau said...

We are looking for modern crib that we could afford too. We like both Amy Coe Westport and Olivia. However, I found out that Westport crib has a particle board part to hold the mattress. It worries me a bit since particle board uses lots of glue and can be toxic. For Olivia, from reviews I have read, it is a solid wood piece. I believe the part that holds the mattress is metal spring. Would that work as the baby grow bigger and heavier. We are planning to use the crib until the baby is ready to switch into a twin bed. Any advice?