openhouse is now online!

hey folks! sorry we disappeared. little lucy james was born october 19th and things have been a little hectic! not to mention that we have launched our online shop!!!! we've been thinking about this for a while. and it's been a grassroots effort. with little to go on we've put up a little store to get to you all the great things we've been blogging about. it's not fancy, nor high-tech, but it's purpose is to promote indie designers and handmade items and we're psyched to have something up.

you'll notice that our site addresses have changed.
www.openhouse-richmond.com is now the link to our web store. http://openhouse-richmond.blogspot.com has now become the only link to this blog. make sure to update your bookmarks.

we're back next week with lots of new arrivals, some intersting etsy finds and info on the new web shop. enjoy! and happy shopping! k&m

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