just a little something

to brighten up the day (as if you need it here in VA! beautiful, sunshine-y and warm)

i'm sure i'm seriously late in posting these great little porcelain bits from my favorite etsy girl,

i have one of her "bearded men" prints in the nursery. it's supposed to be representative of my bearded husband, but most people think it looks like Bin Laden ;o)

anyway, she has some miniature porcelain pieces with illustrations imprinted onto the surface. hang a bunch on a wall for instant wow! or be bold and wear it around your neck! I might just hammer a small nail in the wall in an offbeat place in my house and put it there. whatever you choose to do with it, i think they are just precious. enjoy! and happy shopping!

oh, and stay tuned for our March sale announcent! coming to you right here on Saturday. it's a biggie and shouldn't be missed!

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Blog Artists said...

HUGE fan of her work...and what a great blog,will definitely be subsribing!