farmers markets are not just for farmers

being sustainable is becoming a huge trend all across the us, including here in richmond. people are learning to grow their own food and planting gardens (both privately and as a community) that will provide food to help sustain them. some of my favorite things to grow are herbs (especially basil, yum!). and if you're like me, sometimes you get confused which pot has which herb, particuarly when you have just planted the seeds. so to curb the confusion, consider our ceramic herb markers by famed ceramicist Rae Dunn. they are so adorable and add charm to any pot. we also have super cute wood grain herb planters also by Rae Dunn, that are perfect for planting your herbs in. 

also, as i'm sure you've seen and heard, farmers markets are not just for farmers or hippies anymore. these wonderful places are appealing to anyone who is looking for fresh food at relatively low prices. people bring their home grown produce and other goodies usually once a week and sell to people who come for all over just for some good, fresh food. there are so many in richmond this year, and you can find a different one for pretty much every day of the week. you can check out where they all are and when they are open here. last weekend, katie visited the South of the James Market and snapped these awesome photos you see here :)
so if you're interested in farmers markets, you should definitely check them out around town. you should also check out our John Robshaw totes, that are perfect for taking to the market (show up in eco-friendly style), and our vases, by Karin Eriksson and Rae Dunn, that are prefect for putting fresh market flowers in. 

i hope you start your summer off right with some freshness from your garden or a farmers market :)

happy shopping! becca

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