handmade parade

apparently retailers (and yes, we know that we now rank in that group) have decided that november no longer belongs to tom turkey and falling leaves and gourds. that all of these things must have been used up by october and that the holiday season starts November 1. the problem with that logic is that due to global warming and climate shifts, my leaves are still green and firmly planted on my trees. so i'm just now putting on sweaters and thinking about leaf piles and pulling out my browns and oranges and yellows. however, everywhere i look it's green and red and silver and blue. even the display bed at openhouse looks like a Christmas tree (hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em)

so in the spirit of the season (whatever season that may be) get on down to Norfolk tomorrow and buy handmade for the holidays:

saturday, november 10 - the handmade parade: hosted by the Norfolk Craft Mafia, it's an annual holiday bazaar showcasing quality, local artists and crafters. Handmade Parade will provide great holiday shopping for those who are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts while avoiding the mass-produced and supporting independent entrepreneurs instead! they will offer a wide variety of fine art, accessories, jewelry, pottery, house wares, baked goods, baby items, clothing and more.

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