karin eriksson ceramics

[photo credit: Lars Jonsson]

like any good mother would, we like to say that we love all of our designers equally. and that really is probably true. every once in a while, though, a particular item comes into the shop that for a fleeting moment we might love a little bit more...that was the case when we opened the box from karin eriksson that contained 2 sets of her beautiful salt, pepper and olive oil bowls [$80 for the set of three]. of course we imagine you could use them in many ways: prep bowls in the kitchen, ring holder by the sink, key catch on the front console, miniature wall plates (?), or just for decoration. they make a beautiful gift if you can't justify them for yourself, so be sure to keep them in mind in the coming holiday season. as always, they are handmade and no two bowls are the same.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Good to know Karin's beautiful ceramics are available locally.