this just in...

great new graphic wrapping paper for the holidays. 5 fun designs from our newest family member, funnel paper goods. designer Eric Kass creates his original printed patterns in indianapolis on durable 60# white uncoated paper.

openhouse is featuring 5 wintry designs: color urchin, knot tied, uncle bob's pajamas, dottie's decor and rangifer tarandus:

we were charmed immediately by his description of the paper:
'the simple pleasure of ink on paper. that distinctive aroma and familiar testure tickling your fingertips. the material connection between the feelings in your heart and the smile on their face. package your endearing thoughts, well wishes and romantic longings in paper goods designed to elate.'

who knew wrapping paper could sound so sexy ;o)

come check it out before it's gone. happy shopping. k&m

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