this just in...

new work by Diana Fayt. you know, it's interesting sometimes how anticipation can often be more satisfying than that which you anticipated. not so in the case of diana fayt's objects. it's been a long, slow 6 months since we placed our order and yesterday my friendly neighborhood postman delivered the goods. i approached slowly to open the box and very careful began unraveling the bubble wrap so as not to burst my bubble to fast. but there was no need as the vase I held in my hand was every bit the glorious piece I had hoped!

it's really absolutely stunning work. images on-line do it no justice. thanks diana for all of your hard work. i know there were a number of bumps along the road to create our few beautiful pieces and we appreciate it. well worth the wait.

if you haven't heard of her or seen her work, you've got to get into openhouse this week and check it out. the process she uses is very labor intensive and can include up to 13 steps per piece from beginning to end. her work is all hand built with the use of handmade molds. all of her drawings are her own freehand originals on stoneware, using lead free materials. no two pieces are the same.

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