bada-bing? you bet!

[photo courtesy of prettynpync]

standing ovation for the richmond craft mafia. they managed to pull off a top-notch event yesterday down at plant zero. the 2008 spring bada-bing was everything they said it would be.

if you weren't able to make it down, i think you really missed out on one of those great moments. it might have been wet and gray outside, but inside it was bright and cheery and lively. the vendors were wonderfully varied and the quality of product on display showed the level to which craft has risen. there was so much to see i was actually a little overwhlemed. so much so that i missed a couple of booths i wanted to see! but it was a good overwhelmed. it made me so proud to be a richmonder and even prouder to be a part of the greater craft/design community.

literally everything there was great, but we did have a few favorites that we wanted to share:

april scott

booogie babee

shannon by hand



erin taylor designs

pink kiss pottery

crystal j

modern june

like i said, it's just a handfull. we didn't even get to all the great jewelry. but you can see how much talent is out there. the good news is, if you missed the show yesterday, you can buy from these designers online. hopefully, in the near future, many of them will also be available at openhouse. so get out there and support local artists and designers as well as local businesses!!
enjoy! and happy shopping! k&m


erin taylor designs said...

thanks for coming out to our show sunday! it was great to meet y'all...the famiglia appreciates your support for local artists!


Kelly said...

It was very nice to meet you both at the show! Thanks for coming out and seeing us!