[30 oz. camel teapot, $14.99]

[embroidered camel on canvas, $30.00]

so, i wouldn't go so far as to call it a trend. but i felt like i was seeing camels at every turn on the web and at the gift fair last february. thought i'd share some of the fun camel finds i had tagged over the last few months. they are interesting creatures. for example, i never realized that they do not store water in their humps. they can withstand extreme temps on both ends and live to be 80 years old. but all of the science aside, their shapes make for an intriguing silhoutette that marries well with design. enjoy! k&m

[hand silkscreened notecards, $14.50]

[ceramic camel, $54.00]

[camel bookends]

[camel planter]

[organic cotton plush toy, $16.00]

[uvall, by sean mccarthy. ink and graphite on paper. contact fredericks & freiser gallery for price]

[camel pillow from laura davis, shop scad]

[camel sconce, $39.95]

[12" square tray, $200.00. john derian]


Hammocks & High Tea said...

I can't tell you how endearingly quirky that camel sconce is to me :) so cute.

SimplyGrove said...

Cute variety of camels!!!!