nyigf, part 1

we had a whirlwind 30 hours in nyc this weekend (thanks to bad weather and cancelled flights). but we managed to scope out hundreds of talented designers in a sea of, well, stuff. loved, loved, loved meeting some of the openhouse family: joanna from looolo, jenny from three sheets 2 the wind, shoshana from john robshaw, amy from perch!, the wonderful creator of our yummy kobo candles (pardon me for forgetting your name!), shelly from k studio and the oh so creative ladies of dermond peterson. so lovely to put a face with everything that fills our shop.

i'm going to let the images speak for themselves. today's installment will focus on ceramic and porcelain objects and tableware. some are old favorites and others new. we didn't take our own shots, so these are all from the catalogues and websites of the designers. sorry if the quality is a bit shoddy. enjoy!

sweet bella:

we're not sure exactly what this is all about, but we loved their booth. some sort of cooperative? an indie rep group? whatever is, these letters caught our eye. handmade in england, each one is created from casts of vintage originals. we also loved the porcelain fruits and stunning ceramic tiles. we might see these popping up at openhouse one day soon...


a perennial favorite. i was just psyched to meet the design-duo and talk eva zeisel, as we have both worked with her in the past. they are just as charming as their designs. loved this collection especially...

cristina salusti:

cristina is full of personality and she really puts so much passion into her work. we were floored by her renascent object collection. she takes vitage glass and ceramic thrift store finds and brings them back to life with shimmery gold designs. each piece is unique and in person they are truly breathtaking.

höganäs keramik:

mary berin introduced us to this classic swedish design house. their philosophy is not unlike ours, that everyday objects must be functional, but it doesn't mean they needn't be beautiful.


amy is adorable and we just love her new vases. the black bird light is a stunning addition as well to her popular white bird light. she also debuted a new bird feeder and i got to see her kiki vase in person, which i am now coveting! look to see that, along with a number of her other items in openhouse this week.

xenia taler:

i've seen xenia taler's tiles online and in magazines. but i just loved the wooden boxes and frames at the show. such fun, yet sophisticated designs. sorry i don't have a pic of the frame. i'll try and get one this week.

dbo home:

dana from dbo home is too cute! and we totally want her life ;o) she brought a number of wonderful new treats to the fair this weekend. our favorite was this lamp below. truly a labor of love, dana creates the ceramic base while her husband turns the walnut top and does the wiring. beautiful! we also swooned over her new gilt collection. i don't have a picture yet, but it's the joining of two of my design obsessions; all things white and ceramic, with a touch of gold.

back tomorrow with pillows!!!!!!!


Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness. Gorgeous finds. I love those letters from Sweet Bella and the vessels from Perch.

openhouse said...

I know! I thought you might like the letters :o)

Hammocks & High Tea said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm contemplating the gift show for next year and your thoughts on the show and images are really helpful :)

openhouse said...

hammocks & high tea: i'm so glad it's helpful. we have lots more to come. i felt like there was a definite shortage in designers like you, so a trip to the fair might be a good idea :o)

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