spotlight on mud australia

thought i would continue today with another spotlight on an openhouse designer. mud australia is a poreclain manufacturer based in Syndey. it was started by shelley simpson in 1994 and has become an instant classic.

mud australia ceramics, in the words of the designer herself, is a product "that perfectly combines a minimalist aesthetic with a clearly hand made finish while providing a soulful alternative to mass produced & highly manufactured ceramic design."

i love that. i'm always talking about how the objects in our shop have soul. from the sheets to the tea towels to the tealights. you pick up a mud coffee cup and your hand molds perfectly around it. there is an energy that exudes from each piece. and it so perfectly embodies our purpose to see the art in the everyday.

oh, and the best part? everything is oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe. are you kidding me? too cool.

if you're in richmond, come in the shop and check it out for yourself. great for wedding gifts. special orders are welcome. enjoy! k&m

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Hammocks & High Tea said...

I have a mojor design crush on mud, and I'm really loving the berry color in those images :)