spotlight on ratzer

sorry for the light posting. work and the shop and life have just taken over lately! and it's february. such a dull month in my opinion. i'm ready for spring!

thought i'd highlight one of our designer's today since i'm chilly and it's gray outside. ratzer blankets, made in denmark, are truly some of the most beautiful textiles we've come across. if you haven't been in the shop to see them in person, you must. each one is handmade using 100% australian, biodynamic, merino wool. the sheep are bred under biodynamic control (which basically means that the farm is considered an organism, a self-contained entity where everything: soil, animals, even the farmer is part of the whole. it's a method of organic farming focusing on the holistic development of every aspect of the environment). whew, that's a mouthful. so, anyway, the soaps and spinning oils used are biodegradeable. the wool is not super-washed and no moth repellents are used. also, the dyes do not contain heavy metals.

all of that scientific, holistic, organic mumbo-jumbo aside, they are just beautiful. thoughtfully produced (obviously) and stunnningly simple in design. The large plaid blankets are great on a guestbed or over the back of the couch. so subtle that you can really mix them with any decor. and the fact that each one is reversible makes them more functional. and the children's plaid versions are perfect for a nursery, but just as easily part of any room in the house. when you buy a ratzer blanket, you are investing in an heirloom piece. enjoy! and happy shopping! k&m


Cicada Studio said...

These are amazing! Love the little cut outs in reverse. So unexpected.

openhouse said...

aren't they great?! and they are so soft!!