mud plates and paper clouds

3 new pieces came in today from mud australia...a large pebble serving bowl/platter in ocean [$110], a medium pebble bowl in white [$55] and a beautiful large flared bowl in sand [$100]. i've been staring at the large pebble bowl all day repeating over and over "you can not keep it for yourself" ;o) and talk about serendipity! i was unpacking the newest arrivals as i tuned in to today's episode of Everyday Italian and the always lovely Giada. wouldn't you know i watched her as she plated a nice Cinnamon-Pancetta Carbonara on a mud australia pebble bowl! i don't know what looked better, the food or the platter. if only having the same dishes as Giada would make me a better cook...

[image above courtesy of mud australia]

[images above courtesy of Paper Cloud]

turning now to textiles for a moment, i had to share a great ebay find. for months i've been looking for just the right lamp bases for my dining room to go with our great Paper Cloud lampshades. i've been all over from Target to Shades of Light and struggled with Goldilocks syndrome: too small, too big, too expensive, too decorated...but now i've found them and they are just right. thanks to whoever invented ebay. enjoy the weekend and we'll be back monday with a sneak peak at some holiday items. happy shopping! k

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