openhouse designers in Blueprint and on TV

so by now I know you have all scoured the pages of the latest Blueprint issue and maybe even seen the segment on the Today Show last tuesday, but I thought I'd bring it home and remind you that you don't have to travel far and wide to find great home decor! come in to openhouse and see for yourself what Martha, Meredith, Matt, Ann and Al were raving about ;o) we've got the Ratzer children's blankets in the yellow and white checked pattern above. beautifully handwoven in 100% Australian, biodynamic, merino wool. we're also carrying the large, grown-up throws in 2 snazzy plaids. perfect for curling up by the fire this winter (if it ever gets cold!). if that weren't enough, we're also carrying a good selection from Looolo (blue blanket above under the Ratzer pillow) we have a number of their pillows in luscious fall colors along with a few of their hand woven, organic blankets. each one is made with environmentally friendly materials and fully biodegradeable (they can composted, and within one year, return to the earth!!). but all of the good for the earth, good for you stuff aside, they're irresistable and will look stunning draped over the end of any bed.

[image above courtesy Blueprint Magazine]

don't forget to check out the back of the mag on page 124 for a great look at Lotta Jansdotter's Brooklyn pad and studio. it's no wonder she's so inspired! what a great place. if you haven't seen her designs, the photo above gives you an idea. we're currently carrying her placemats, napkins, aprons and bags (some even on sale!) check back soon as we'll be getting some new things in as well.

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