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megan and I have transitioned seamlessly from the wedding circuit to the baby circuit. everyone we know is decorating a nursery or upgrading from baby room to big kid room. seems like just yesterday we were shopping wedding registries for wine glasses and now it's baby registries for bottles. to be honest, we've been disappointed in our options. so when buying for openhouse, I believe we have inadvertently stocked a wonderful selection of baby and kid decor. we know there have to be moms and friends of moms out there who are looking for a more sophisticated way to decorate. something that can go from small to medium to large. a throw that works in baby's room as well as in the guest bedroom and pillows that can be fun and quirky at the same time as hip and stylish.

our mobiles from Frazier and Wing [5.5" x 28", $85] are a great alternative to the plastic variety. full of great colors, these decorative and whimsical mobiles are constructed using carefully selected imagery from recycled magazine pages. each mobile is a handmade labor of love taking up to eight hours to construct.

erich ginder's Ghost Antlers [$225] are just the right touch to any decor. e.e cummings said that "the most wasted of all days is one without laughter". i agree. and because of that i like to add a dash of humor to every room. what a great conversation piece if you had a few of these lined up in your entry way to take your guest's coats? or even better, have one of these hanging in a kids room for hats and little jackets. an excellent way to bring the great outdoors in. no deer were harmed in the making of this product...

apparently we love the children's plaid blankets [$250] above so much, we're mentioning them twice in a week. truly an heirloom addition to a baby or child's room. a nice gift alternative to a silver rattle :o)

[images above courtesy of frazier and wing, erich ginder and ratzer]

our selection of pillows are so much fun. all you need is one on a couch or kids bed to make a statement. our pillows [18 x 18, $78] from designer Jenny Sauer at three sheets 2 the wind remind me of drawings I did as a kid of stuff I found in nature. made from 100% linen and hand printed, one each on a set of twin beds would be too cute. her design philosophy embodies Wabi Sabi-- a Japanese aesthetic stressing unpretentiousness, earthiness and satisfaction with imperfection. if that doesn't describe a child-like mentality I don't know what does. Oh, why must we grow up?

and our K Studio pillows are just as cool. beautifully constructed, hand-made, and each one designed individually, they seem to capture the sense of daydream and wonder that only a kid can have. Prices range from $89-$170.

[images above courtesy of three sheets 2 the wind and k studio]

and lastly, some playful ceramics from j. mendicino would bring some sunshine to any baby's room. add a couple of Gerber daisies or twigs and you have instant art. add to that a set of twin sheets in pink or blue Samode, hand block printed and hand embroidered and you have a very sweet room for your very sweet little one. happy shopping! k&m

[images above courtesy of j.mendicino, prices ranging from $35-$55 for various sizes; john robshaw textiles, twin flat and fitted sheets each $120.]

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