martha and openhouse, great minds think alike...

like her or not, you have to admit, the woman has got it goin' on. it seems impossible to be original because she's already said it, done it, imagined or discovered it. but alas, she (and by she I mean her staff) has great taste and the validation of seeing some of our designers featured in her glossy mags definitely lifts the spirits :o) the newest issue of Blueprint hit the stands and there is a wonderful little page full of great wintry things. Alyssa Ettinger's knitware vases [small, $120; large $150] in snow white porcelain are so cozy looking you might mistake them for leg warmers. a great way to add texture and warmth to your house during the chilly months. we have them both in the shop.

so you can't wrap yourself in Alyssa's vases, but you can cozy up with our hand-knit Popcorn throw [$250] from Twinkle Living. so soft and fluffy and goes perfectly with a roaring fire, a glass of wine and a good book.

and if you're wondering, the answer is yes. we too love Linda Bloomfield's teaset (pictured above with matching cozy) and think her work is a perfect fit for openhouse. she's on our list of designers to add as we grow! happy shopping! k&m

[images courtesy of Blueprint Magazine]

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