eye candy (corn)

happy halloween! openhouse, with the exception of a set of brown printed sheets from John Robshaw and orange (persimmon) pillows and a throw from Looolo, was caught this year without holiday appropriate items. so, in honor of all hallows eve and our pledge (and hopefully yours) to buy handmade, and our lack of in-store items, we thought we'd bring you a nice selection of pumpkin/orange/halloween/fall-inspired goodies from etsy to get you through.

[pumpkin notes; mini frame pouch; fresh style card file in pumpkin]

[grungy white pumpkin; linocut print, pumpkin patch; white pumpkins 8 x 10 archival print]

[handblown glass pumpkin; ellie lucite and natural brass pumkin earrings; the butler pumpkin]

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