i've been meaning to post about this site for ages. i'm a total addict and perhaps subconsciously i didn't want to share it with the world ;o) but in the interest of small business, i'll let go of my greed and let you in on my favorite new pastime: 20x200

jen beckman, a new york gallerist who i've had the pleasure of working with through artnet in the past, has launched a new venture making great art accessible to all. i first read about it back in october through
design*sponge and have managed to accrue a number of great pieces since.

the concept is this: large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone.

they introduce two new works a week, one photo and one work on paper. each image is available in three sizes: small editions of 200 for $20, medium editions of 20 for $200 and large-sized editions of 2 that generally run $2000. it's really something for everyone at every price-point.

below are some of the works i've acquired (or been given, thanks Murph). a new edition is released every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm. have fun and happy shopping! k&m

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