guest lecture at VCU this afternoon

i meant to post this friday and it slipped my mind. a bit last minute, i know, but andrew wagner and jeanette abbink will be speaking at 4:30 this afternoon at the grace street theatre.


Craft/Material Studies, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and the “the Terry Noack Fund for the Arts” present Andrew Wagner and Jeanette Abbink Monday January 28, at the Grace Street Theatre. Andrew Wagner and Jeanette Abbink, founding members of the architecture and design magazine Dwell, were charged with revamping the 66 year-old publication American Craft. Wagner and Abbink will describe their discoveries leading up to the re-launch of American Craft this past October. They will sum up their views of the craft world now and their search for the beautiful blurring the superficial boundaries that have been erected across disciplines in the past thirty years.

January 28th
Grace Street Theatre
930-934 West Grace Street
4:30 - 5:30 pm

see you there! k&m