afternoon snack

so, the sneak peak into the new designers at openhouse will have to wait until tomorrow when megan and katie can meet to finalize everything. in the meantime, while checking out some of my favorite daily blog reads, i was inspired by desire to inspire. if you aren't familiar with the blog, it's a veritable schmorgasborg of great design pics. if you are ever stumped on what to do in a particular room in your house or you're just bored at work and looking for a pick-me-up, you'll be hooked. lately i've been struggling with incorporating various textiles and patterns together in one space (i.e. our fabulous Robshaw collection that i want in every room of my house). so i took a cue from desire to inspire and hit the net looking for ideas. below are some great color and pattern combos courtesy of domino that i thought i'd share for others of you with the same problem. enjoy! k&m

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