back in the saddle

after a nice little break from blogging, openhouse is back in action for '08. december was a great month at the shop and we have SO many to-die-for new items arriving in the coming months.
in the meantime, while retail is quietly resting after a hard couple of months, don't forget to check out the local art scene.

first fridays kicks off the first event of the new year tomorrow night. as always, 1708 gallery has a great show and as always, they never have a preview on their site! how hard is it to upload a couple of images? anyway, head down there and check it out. i'm a fan of Kai Richter's work (shown above) and it can really only be appreciated in person. transmission gallery is a cool new space we're digging as well. "the word made fresh" opens tomorrow night. get a preview here. and lastly, we can't help but like the work of Chet Naylor at ghostprint gallery.

back tomorrow with a sneak peak of some new designers.

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