sqft gallery

so, a very cool space in Nashville is closing it's doors at the end of the month. sqft gallery, curated by our favorite graphic designer and the creater of the openhouse "look", kathleen losche, has a wonderful last show that you just can't miss, regardless of where you live. thanks to Al Gore and his internet, you can check out the show and purchase any works of interest online.

the show, titled
couplets, features two wonderful artists, Lisa Solomon and Aurora Robson.

lisa's pieces for this show focus on representing something frightening and ugly as something beautiful. she has taken the chemical structures of environmental toxins and rendered them using doilies. she delves into the idea that accessible and pretty packaging in our domestic environments can often conceal something harmful. aurora uses junk mail to form beautiful collages that change the viewers perception of an often pesky part of life. like lisa's work, it's about turning the ugly into the beautiful.

i know that i want one of each. sadly openhouse has me strapped ;o) so i'll just have to admire them from afar. enjoy!

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